Learners are innovative thinkers who are successful, confident, respectful and caring

The LCI Artisan program is about sparking students’ natural curiosity, intelligence, passion, and artistic interest into an opportunity to create real marketable products. Students will develop artisanship while cultivating financial literacy skills and innovative thinking. The goal is to tap into students’ enterprising spirit and develop an idea all the way from concept to real market sales. This program offers endless opportunities for students to practice essential 21st century skills such as creative thinking, marketing, business planning and team building.

Students will have hands on opportunities to create in a variety of mediums ranging from wood, metal, textiles, glass and more. Through this learner driven course, students will be responsible for brainstorming and envisioning products they want to create and practice the skills required to complete them. The goal is to create high quality, professional products that students will be able to sell through various market opportunities throughout the year.

Artisan Program Planning Guide