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I hear from students all the time when it comes to Scholarships, I want free money but I don't have the time to write an essay or do research...…. Well a couple things, Looking for Scholarships can have a big pay off and the hard truth is it does take a little time and investment BUT.... some are really easy to apply to and don't take that long. I want to inform you of yet another great scholarship resource. All you have to do is make an account and you are set. Of course like always please come see me Miss Amanda McMahon your career practitioner in the wellness centre I am happy to support you.


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University of Lethbridge New Student Scholarships

Show me the Money

NEW Students for FALL 2020 Open January 6, 2020!

Please refer to the link below for more details:

Lethbridge School Division I.C.E. Scholarship

Applications are open Jan 20, 2020 and can be found in the wellness centre or in the link below. Students are encouraged to apply.

Value $1,000                                       Deadline to Apply By: April 20, 2020


The ICE scholarship committee is seeking Division students who produce and demonstrate projects that are innovative. The major focus for the awards will be a demonstration of a project, achievement or learning endeavour that illustrates innovation.
While the main criterion for the awards is evidence of innovative thought and creativity, projects could, but not necessarily, also have a focus on entrepreneurism: in other words, relevance to the world of business.
The project could be an idea that started in class, but could also come from hobbies, interests or personal situations or circumstances.
There are two categories of scholarships available to students - one category for Grade 9 and Grade 10 students and the other for students who are in Grade 11 or Grade 12. There will be up to two scholarships awarded for each category.



The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta SPIRIT of Victory Speech Contest

SPIRIT of Victory speech contest is for Alberta students in Grades 10-12.

The contest marks the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe and is an opportunity for young Albertans to learn about this milestone in our history.

We’re pleased to announce that we now have an early bird prize in addition to the grand prizes, which include a first prize of $1,000, a second prize of $500 and a third prize of $250.

All contest submissions received by March 15th will be eligible for the early bird draw for $100 Indigo gift cards.

Please see the website for more details:

The final deadline for submissions is Wednesday, April 8.

Lethbridge College Student Awards!

The Lethbridge College awards application is now open.
This year we are offering more awards than ever including 30 new $1000 awards specifically for southern Alberta high school graduates. New students have until July to apply.
One electronic application is all that is required to be in the running.
The application can be found at:


Youth Dreams Bursary

Youth Dreams Bursary

 $250 Bursary for Youth(11-18) showcasing leadership and lived experience with mental health
 Awarded Throughout the Year
 Awarded by the Lethbridge Asset Builders

The Youth Dreams Bursary (YDB) will benefit youth who are committed to influencing change in themselves, in others, or in their community. Therefore, every attempt is made to select applicants who demonstrate an interest in the philosophy of the bursary.

 The applicant must be between 11 and 18 years of age
 The applicant has been affected by mental health concerns themselves or has been
impacted by a family member with mental health concerns
 The applicant could not afford to pursue their interest without the bursary
 The applicant is or will be enrolled in a school
 Maximum funding $250.00 per bursary
 Have an interest in making positive contributions to their community
 Enrolled or will be enrolled in a program that will contribute to their mental wellness
 The applicant is not already taking part in other programs subsidized by community
organizations that provide growth and learning opportunities.
Application Timelines
Applications are open year round, bursaries are awarded in May and September
Application Submissions

For Help/support and applications please see Miss McMahon (Career Practitioner) in the Wellness Center

RBC Future Launch Scholarship

RBC Future Launch Scholarship

The RBC Future Launch Scholarship

Deadline to Apply is: April 30,2020

Join a coding boot camp, learn French, enroll in a cosmetology course – You decide! The RBC Future Launch Scholarship could help you take your next step towards a better job. This Scholarship is for anyone from 15 to 29 who wants to learn something new… Could $1,500 make you more future ready? Apply today.

About The Scholarship
Are you stuck right now, but have a plan for how to achieve your dreams?
The RBC Future Launch Scholarship will be awarded to those who show a clear vision for their future.
For Canadian youth between 15-29 years old
Enrolled part time in school or not in school at all
A Canadian Citizen or Permanent resident
Grades and transcripts are not required
450 scholarships available throughout 2020
Not working at RBC or a dependent of someone working at RBC
The $1,500 scholarship can be used for many different things, including:
Short-term courses
Necessary equipment or books

Please refer to the link below to apply on-line:


The National Union's Scholarship Program for 2020 (7 Scholarships Avaialbe)

The National Union's Scholarship Program for 2020
-7 Scholarships Available

NEW FOR 2020 - Young Worker Scholarship
Two scholarships will be awarded to those under the age of 30 as of the application deadline and who are members or children/grandchildren, or foster children/grandchildren of a National Union member or retiree and who are attending or planning to attend a public, post-secondary institution in 2020.
The essay topic is: In what ways are unions still important in the contemporary workplace?

Brian Fudge Memorial Scholarship
In addition to the general requirements above, the applicants for the Brian Fudge Memorial Scholarship must be entering a field of study in policing, criminal justice, community services or health care.
The essay topic is: The importance of their field of study in either policing, criminal justice, community services or health care in delivering public services to Canadians.

Scholarship for Indigenous Students
In addition to the general requirements above, the applicants for the Scholarship for Indigenous Students must identify as indigenous.
The essay topic is: The importance of quality public services in enhancing the quality of life of Indigenous Canadians.

Scholarship for LGBTQI2S Students
In addition to the general requirements above, the applicants for the Scholarship for LGBTQI2S Students must identify as an LGBTQI2S student.
The essay topic is: The importance of trade unions in supporting the LGBTQI2S community.

Scholarship for Students of Colour
In addition to the general requirements above, the applicants for the Scholarship for Students of Colour must identify as a person of colour.
The essay topic is: The importance of quality public services in enhancing the quality of life of people of colour in Canada.

Terry Fox Memorial Scholarship
In addition to the general requirements above, the applicants for the Terry Fox Memorial Scholarship must identify a disability.
The essay topic is: The importance of quality public services in enhancing the quality of life of people with disabilities.

Tommy Douglas Scholarship
There are no other requirements, other than the general requirements above, for applying for the Tommy Douglas Scholarship.
The essay topic is: How Tommy Douglas contributed to making Canada a more just and equitable society.

The deadline for applications and essays is Monday July 6, 2020 and the winners and their essays will be published on the National Union and its Components’ social media sites in September 2020.
For further information please phone 613-228-9800 or email

For more information and to print out applications please view the website:

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

Students can actually log in to their myblueprint account to see how much money they have already earned toward this scholarship, sometimes this is nice to see and know.

You are not able to apply for this scholarship until you have completed your diploma's. Students must also already have applied to or be enrolled in a post-secondary program.

Value: 2,500 (Depending on G.P.A and marks in Grades 10,11 and 12).

After applying usually in the summer a cheque is mailed out to students and can be used however they choose.

This scholarship was named in honour of Alexander Rutherford, who had the distinction of being Alberta's first Premier and Minister of Education.

For more information I encourage you to please check out the website:

Indigenous Bursaries

Use the Indigenous Bursaries Search Tool to search more than 750 bursaries, scholarships and incentives across Canada, offered by governments, universities and colleges, private and public companies, individual Canadians, organizations and others aimed at Indigenous students.

Here is the link to find out more:


Boys and Girls Club of Lethbridge Scholarships

For more information and to get help applying please contact the Boys and Girls Program of Lethbridge. 

Check out this video to see what it's all about: watch?v=_SlfrhMF8Do

Scholarship Hunter Scholarship


Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Scholarship

For Women 16 years or older

Value: $500

Deadline to Apply: April 30, 2020

To make an account and to find out more please see the website:


Where are you going Scholarship

This is an easy one, Just write an essay and tell them where you are considering going to school next year, and what you are thinking of studying.

Value: 1,000

Deadline to Apply: April 30, 2020 

Website Link:



Scholar Tree Giveaway Scholarship

Scholar Tree 

Value: $ 1,000

Deadline: May 31, 2020