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Multimedia 10/20/30


Multimedia is the use of text, graphics, sound, animation and video in order to convey a message. Students enrolled in Multimedia will gain skills using various forms of media, including animation, print, photography and audio/visual.

This strand introduces (10 level), builds upon (20 level) and specializes (30 level) student skills in a variety of applications related to digital design and producing a media message. Students will primarily work in the Adobe Creative Collection (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro and After Effects). The areas of study in Multimedia range from introductory photography to special effects and video.

Multimedia 10 (6 credits)

Students will be introduced to the art form that is Multimedia. Students will study a variety of different media which include, but are not limited to:

  • Photography
  • Video
  • Graphic Design

Multimedia 20 (6 credits)

Students at this level will begin to define their passion and the area of multimedia they are more interested in. Some students choose to focus on photography, while others may choose graphic design or video.

Multimedia 30 (6 credits)

This is the level at which students have gained a strong foundation in the elements and principles that it takes in order to create a strong message. Students who are enrolled in Multimedia 30 will have the opportunity to embark on a pathway which will provide them with an opportunity to take a credentialed and internationally recognized exam; become an Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) or an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE). There is a great deal of flexibility provided at this level, as students are primarily focused on independent projects.