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Fitness and Performance






Fitness and Performance Grade 9 – Non Credit Course

Prerequisite: A desire to begin a lifelong journey to a healthier, more fit and more active lifestyle

Fitness and Performance 9 is a course designed to begin acquainting individuals with the realm of fitness and performance-based training.  Fitness and Performance 9 begins in the classroom with a few short theoretical lessons on anatomy, goal setting, injury management and nutrition, prior to diving into practical hands-on learning of training and movement concepts.  The emphasis in this course is on building physical literacy and body awareness through proper postural positioning and functionality, correcting improper movement patterns and refining existing movement patterns; all the while learning the basics of fitness and performance-based training.  

A secondary focus is learning the etiquette and culture of training environments.  At the end of the course, participants will have the ability to enter community facilities seamlessly, with the knowledge required to navigate an unfamiliar culture and training space successfully.   

This active class requires students to come ready to move and train with an open mind.  They must have an openness to new concepts and a willingness to be vulnerable, to possibly fail, and then grow as a result.  Students are not free to follow their own training regimes during the scope of this course, as all content, concepts and exercises are teacher directed.

Fitness and Performance Program Overview (credits earned vary)

The LCI Fitness and Performance Program offers 5 course levels (6 with Grade 9):

  • Fitness and Performance Grade 9
  • Fitness and Performance 1 (No prerequisite)
  • Fitness and Performance 2 (Prerequisite: Fitness and Performance 1)
  • Fitness and Performance 3 (Prerequisite: Fitness and Performance 2)
  • Fitness and Performance 4 (Prerequisite: Fitness and Performance 3)
  • Advanced Fitness and Performance Coaching (Prerequisite: Fitness and Performance 3 plus application and interview)

The focus of the LCI Fitness and Performance Program is on instructing individuals in the basics of fitness and performance-based training principles and concepts, then progressing through to advanced level movements, training systems and techniques.  The intention is to make it a practical and experiential practice.  Over the entirety of the program, participants will learn the workings of how to train and manage themselves, other individuals, and small-group exercise classes.

Each course level is one semester in duration with instruction broken down into 25% classroom learning time, followed by 75% practical hands-on training time. Each level is designed to build and prepare students for the next consecutive level of the program, scaffolding existing knowledge and competencies to higher-level movement, concepts and training systems.  

This CTS based program is for individuals interested in all things health, training, fitness and/or performance.  It will challenge them physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and intellectually in ways never imagined. Students will develop the skills necessary to execute high performance-based training, and overcome obstacles, while also learning to build community by supporting others in their fitness journey. In our ever-evolving world, these soft skills and the curriculum-of-life has never been more important. Regardless of what a student wishes to accomplish, they will leave Fitness and Performance with newfound abilities and part of something bigger than themselves.




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