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Scenario 1: In-school classes resume

Supply Lists

Supply List for 2020

Students will not have access to lockers due to covid-19. Students should be self contained for the school day. In the new schedule, students will only have 2 classes per day. 

1. Backpack,

2. Masks (the government will supply 2 re-useable one)

3. Two binders (one for each day)

4. Graphing/scientific calculator for math classes

5. Writing supplies

6. Water bottle

7. Gym strip (shoes, shorts, shirt) if taking a PE class

8. Lunch kit for meals (no microwaves or vending machines will be in operation) 

Recommended Items to Carry

  1. Hand sanitizer (There will some around the school, but we encourage students to use their own to reduce contact points).
  2. Lysol wipes
  3. Extra face masks stored in a plastic bag.
  4. Laptops (This is only a recommendation and it is helpful if we transition to a different scenario).