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Scenario 1: In-school classes resume

Green 2 Gold

Here at the Lethbridge Collegiate Institute, we believe in developing students with not just powerful academics, but also strength of character. The Green to Gold Program was developed out of a desire to help empower, motivate and recognize individuals who are continually striving towards building stronger character.  The traits were chosen based on a collaborative approach between students and staff, with an emphasis on what LCI feels is important in exemplifying pronounced character.  We believe that it is the soft skills of character, in conjunction with our academics, that will set our students and staff apart.

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Individuals with a growth mindset have the desire to embrace challenges and learn from feedback; they see effort as the path to mastery to reach a higher level of achievement. At LCI, we encourage risk-taking, and the resulting successes and failures, as an integral step towards growth in pursuit of short and long term goals. 


Individuals who possess grit show perseverance when pursuing a goal, especially in the face of adversity. At LCI, we encourage each other to persevere towards our goals.  We support each other through setbacks and obstacles.   


Individuals who demonstrate respect see the value in the diversity of themselves and others in their community and environment; they understand the impact of their words, actions and choices. At LCI, we, as individuals, play an important role in the evolution of our culture – this only works when we value our role as a member of our school, our community and our world. Therefore, we must also value the roles of others. 


Individuals who exhibit responsibility are dependable and take ownership of the impact of their words, actions and choices. At LCI, we take charge of our own educational experience.  We strive to live up to expectations and we are accountable to ourselves to follow through with our commitments. 


Individuals who possess empathy have the capacity to authentically understand or feel what another person is experiencing because the individual can access similar feelings. At LCI, we strive to develop the capacity to see beyond ourselves.  We seek to understand and value the perspectives and experiences of others.


Madi K - Respect - Gr. 9

Shay S - Grit - Gr. 12

Scott J - Empathy - Gr. 10

Santiago G - Growth - Gr. 11

Hannah L - Responsibility Gr. 9


Paige Z - Empathy

Jack R - Respect

Muteh S - Responsibility

Calix D - Growth

Lexi WM - Grit

September 2021 AMBASSADORS

Teagan B - Grade 10 - GROWTH AWARD

Ash S - Grade 11 - EMPATHY AWARD

Calcifer R - Grade 9 - GRIT AWARD

Jade C - Grade 12 - RESPECT AWARD