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Exam Schedules

Final Exams at LCI

LCI plays host to both Grade 9 Provincial Achievement Tests, as well as 30 Level Diploma Exams. In each of these cases, the government issued exams occur at a set date determined by Alberta Education at the end of each course. In alignment with Lethbridge School Division Policy 609.1, Section 2, Assessment of Student Achievement; LCI also conducts a comprehensive final exam in each of the core subjects at the 10 and 20 levels. These final exams follow of the same regulations regarding Diploma Examinations and Provincial Tests.

Please Note that LCI is unable to reschedule final exams at the 10 and 20 level for the following reasons. This is keeping in alignment with division policy 609.1 which stipulates that final exams follow the same regulations as Diploma Examinations and
Provincial Test:

Test security - All students writing the same exam on the same date ensure the fair and equitable application of the final exam and helps to maintain test security

Test Fairness - All students writing the test at the same time ensure that no one student has an unfair advantage, or disadvantage on the exam

Limited Space - Examinations require large amounts of space within the building in order to properly conduct the exam, including those students who require special accommodations. We have limited space to which is often stretched to  capacity during the final examination dates

Supervision - Staffing required to properly proctor an exam is immense. Staff utilized for not on exam supervision, but also to help provide special accommodation (i.e. reader / writer / scribe).


Should a student not attend a Final Exam (Including government exams), a mark of zero will be entered and their final grade for the course will be reflective of that.


Special Accommodations
Please note that students requesting special accommodations for final exams need to already be using said accommodation in that particular course throughout the semester. This needs to be clearly identified in an Individual Student Plan (ISP) that is shared between teachers and parents.