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We are very fortunate to have a facility as well equipped as LCI which allows us to offer a wide breadth of programs.  Not only does LCI pride itself on fostering academic excellence within the core courses (Science, Social, Math and English), but we are also able to offer a full compliment of Performing Arts programing, Technology Studies programing, Skilled Trades programing and Athletic Training programing.  We would encourage anyone interested in attending LCI to look through the long list of different courses that we offer.  We are confident that we have something to offer everyone!

Students are welcome to click on the link below and print off our High School Planning Guide.  This sheet helps students plan their three years as a high school student to ensure that they are collecting enough credits, as well as fulfilling the different course requirements set by Alberta Ed to obtain their Alberta High School Diploma.

LCI - High School Planning Guide

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Please note, the school is having issues with its phone lines and as a result, incoming calls may not connect