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The LCI visual arts program provides a broad range of experiences for artists of all skill levels.  Students are encouraged to learn fine art studio techniques, improve upon their existing skills and build an understanding of art history and contemporary artists.

Students will have opportunities to explore traditional art making methods as well as innovative and creative art practices.  The Visual Arts classes provide scaffolding to expand student understanding while expanding students individual creativity rather than giving prescribed projects.

Art 9

This is an introductory course into high school visual arts.  Students will receive instruction in a broad range of mediums that are available in the studio.  the goal is to build familiarity with the art studio and the skills required for various mediums.


Art 10

Art 10 provides foundational theory in the skill development of the artist.  Students will explore the foundational skills necessary to build into later art courses.  This can include perspective drawing, portrait drawing, and exploration of various mediums.  At the end of Art 10 students should have a broad understanding of various tools and mediums to help them create their own styles in art 20 and 30.

Art 20

Art 20 builds upon the basic skills developed in Art 10 while encouraging artists to develop their own style and understanding of various mediums.  Projects will give students the opportunity to adapt and develop them to be a greater expression of their own self-identity.  Artists will also be challenged to explore complex themes and ideas.

Art 30

Art 30 is an independent study with the artist making most of the major decisions and almost all of the minor decisions about the direction he/she will be taking.  The teacher can act as the facilitator but ultimately students are in charge of their progression.  The focus in Art 30 is to create a final showcase portfolio of your work.  This requires some independent research, a serious work ethic, a positive attitude, and acceptance of teacher and peer guidance, and constructive criticism.

Art 35

The criterion for Art 35 is further broken down into 4 main strands of concentrations:

  • Advanced Placement Art is a specialized studio art program for the student who will be applying to a post-secondary institution, which participates in and recognizes Advanced Placement Studio Art.  Ap Art represents approximately 250 hours of time with a set portfolio evaluation by the Advanced Placement Board.
  • Honours Art is a continued study in art as an extension of the Art 30 curriculum.  It will place an emphasis on studio work but will have a historical/cultural and appreciation component.  125 hours minimum.
  • Portfolio Development is a specialized studio art program for the student who will be applying to a post-secondary institute where a portfolio is required for acceptance.  Study will follow the guidelines given by the particular institute the student is interested in attending.  It is the student's responsibility to research for and to have for class the given portfolio requirements.  125 hours minimum. 
  • Studio Development is a continuous study in art after Art 30 to build knowledge, skill and expertise in two media areas.  125 hours minimum.

AP Art - Arts Academy

The AP Studio Art Program is an opportunity for serious visual students who excel and receive recognition on an international scale.  It allows students to submit a portfolio to the College Board's Advanced Placement Program.  College and university professors through the Advanced Placement Program will assess submitted portfolios.  Performing well provides a gateway into Post-Secondary by providing first-year credits.

The Advanced Placement course is part of the LCI Arts Academy.  Students wishing to complete the AP Program will need to complete an expression of interest form prior to Grade 12.  Students selected in the program must plan to have Art 30 in the first semester of grade 12 and Art 35 in the last semester of grade 12.


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