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The Yoga Program at LCI is designed to build into our students through a holistic lens.

In Yoga at LCI, students will:

· Reduce Stress and Anxiety: Yoga involves deep breathing, relaxation, and meditation techniques that can help students calm their minds and reduce feelings of tension.

· Improve Physical Health: Yoga is a low-impact form of exercise that can help improve flexibility, strength, balance, and overall physical health. Yoga can also help reduce the risk of injuries, improve posture, and enhance athletic performance.

· Enhance Mental Focus: Yoga requires students to be present in the moment. This can improve their ability to concentrate/stay focused, which can be beneficial for academic success.

· Develop Self-Awareness and Mindfulness: Yoga encourages self-reflection and self-awareness, which can help students better understand their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

· Build Social Connections: Yoga classes can provide an opportunity for students to connect with others who share similar interests and values— building a sense of community and belonging.


Yoga 9 (No Credits)

Yoga 9 is an introductory course designed to have students experience the health benefits of yoga and develop their well-being. Students will partake in a regular physical practice that includes beginner to intermediate level postures through various styles of yoga including: Yin, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra, and Hot Yoga. Students will explore some historical concepts related to yoga including the naming of postures, energetic anatomy, and art of sequencing. Students will leave this course with a higher degree of physical literacy and techniques to help them minimize stress.


Yoga 15 & 25 (5 Credits per Course)

Yoga 15 and Yoga 25 are the steppingstones towards advancing one’s yoga practice. Students will partake in daily yoga/mindfulness practices that consist of various styles of yoga, breathing, and meditation. Posture difficulty will range from beginner to advanced, with modifications and gradual exploration. Students will explore the history of yoga and further their knowledge in Yogic Philosophy/Humanities while applying some of the teachings to their life. Students will explore the sister sciences of yoga, including Kinesiology/Biomechanics, Psychology, Ayurveda, and other fields of knowledge (physical education, mindfulness, etc). Throughout their time in Yoga 15 and 25, students will build/refine their physical literacy, gain a better sense of identity, and understand/apply techniques that will enhance their physical and mental wellness.


Yoga 35 (5 Credits) [Prerequisite: Successful completion of both Yoga 15 and Yoga 25]

Yoga 35 is the final step in the holistic pursuit of wellness that LCI offers. This course will challenge students physically and psychologically. Students will partake in elevated standards of commitment to the practice and deeply explore curriculum that relates to physical posturing (alignment, benefits, and execution), energetic/subtle anatomy, biomechanics, yogic history/philosophy, and meditation. Students will embody the practice of yoga and develop skills towards becoming a yoga teacher. All topics in Yoga 35 are accredited through the Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program. With successful completion, students can receive a Yoga Alliance approved Certificate of Completion.

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