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Specialty Programs

LCI offers a variety of programs and support services.  Most students are placed in regular classrooms and are provided with appropriate supports.  LCI also offers a partially segregated program for students who require a higher level of support.

Every special education student’s program is based on an Individualized Program Plan (IPP).  Teachers, parents and students work together to create and implement plans which provide students an opportunity for success.

Skill Development Program

This partially segregated program is designed to meet the needs of academically, developmentally or physically delayed students who are of high school age. The program is staffed by a full-time teacher and a number of assistants.  Functional academic, independent living, social and employment skills are emphasized through a variety of activities within the school and the community.

Students in this program will not be granted an Alberta Learning High School Diploma, but will be issued a Certificate of Program Completion and participate in the LCI graduation ceremonies at the completion of their grade twelve year.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

ESL students have the opportunity to enrol in a course each semester which helps them improve their oral and written English skills, as well as increase their knowledge about Canadian traditions and customs.  They are also enrolled in mainstream coursed according to their level of English proficiency and their interests.

Knowledge and Employability

The Knowledge and Employability courses are designed for students who meet the criteria and learn best through experiences that integrate essential and employability skills in occupational contexts. The courses provide students opportunities to enter into employment or continue their education. This curriculum is available for grade 9 and 10 students at LCI during the 2010-11 school year and will be expanding to include grade 11 courses for the 2011-12 school year.

Lethbridge Collegiate Institute Special Education and Alternate Programs Offer Ten Outstanding Opportunities

  1. Positive Learning Environment
    • Focus on student accomplishments
  2. Passionate Teachers and Support Staff
    • Staff are caring and compassionate to student needs
  3. Flexibility
    • The unique needs of each student are considered when making programming decisions
  4. Variety of Learning Experiences
    • On-campus or off, students are provided with a wide range of learning experiences
  5. Individualized Program Plans (IPPs)
    • Parents, students and teachers work together to create a plan that will best meet the needs of the student
  6. Communication Between Home and School
    • Phone calls, C-Team meetings and email are all used to ensure communication is maintained
  7.  Work Experience Opportunities
    • Qualified students are encouraged to participate in on and off-campus work experience placements
  8. Experts are Available
    • A school psychologist is available weekly to participate in C-Team meetings and administer academic assessments.
  9. Transition
    • School tours and pertinent information are available for incoming students
    • Graduating students are offered opportunities to explore many post secondary options
  10. FUN!!!
    • The Special Education team at the LCI work hard to make sure students have an enjoyable learning experience each and every day!

School Notice

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