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Annual Assurance Plans & Results Reports

LCI Education Assurance Plans & Results Reports

Please feel free to peruse LCI's Annual Assurance Plans & Results Report.  Our education plans are grounded within the Provincial and Lethbridge School Division priorities.  We apply those overarching goals and priorities to our own individual school context when creating our individual School Assurance Plan.  Also posted are the Annual Educational Results released by Alberta Ed at the end of each school year.  Results include academic achievement on PAT's and Diploma Exams, as well as data compiled from the Annual Assurance Surveys completed by Parents, Students, and Staff.  Please know the  administration team at LCI always welcomes feedback from the community with which it serves when it comes to the direction and goals for our school.  Feel free to click on the links below to view LCI's Education Assurance Plans and/or Results Reports.



LCI - 2022/2023 Annual Education Results Report

LCI - 2021/2022 Annual Education Results Report



LCI - 2023/2024 Education Assurance Plan

LCI - 2022/2023 Education Assurance Plan

LCI - 2021/2022 Education Assurance Plan

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