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The main goals of mathematics education are to prepare you to:

  • solve problems
  • communicate and reason mathematically
  • make connections between mathematics and its applications
  • become mathematically literate
  • appreciate and value mathematics
  • make informed decisions as contributors to society


Math 9  (non credit course)

  • Year long
  • French Immersion
  • PAT (Calculator and No Calculator Section)
  • Scientific calculator only (recommend TI-30X IIS)

You only need 10 credits in Math up to a 20 level (grade 11) to meet the minimum high school graduation requirements


Math 10-3 (5 Credits)  and  Math 20-3 (5 Credits)

  • designed for students who want to learn the mathematics needed to enter most trades or who want to enter the workforce after high school.

You should take the Mathematics -3 stream if you are interested in a trade or wish to enter the workforce after high school.


Math 15 (5 Credits)

  • Math 15 is a course that has been newly created and customized by the LCI Math department in response to the significant learning gaps left in the wake of COVID 19 and the interruptions in education.  Math 15 will still be a 5 credit course that struggling Gr. 9 math students can take in attempts to stay in upper academic math streams.  Students who pass Math 15 and earn those 5 credits can still earn 5 more credits if they complete Math 10C.  Because Math 10-3 does not prepare students for Math 10C, along with the fact that we have noticed a significant number of Gr. 9 math students that are struggling to maintain marks over 65%, we felt this course would provide those students the best chance at academic success in Math.


Math 10C (5 Credits)

  • Mathematics 10C is for students who want to take Mathematics -1or Mathematics -2
  • Math 10C can be replaced with Scimatics, a yearlongcourse that combines Math 10, Science 10 and Chem 20. Admission is based on a competitive academic average. If you select this class, do not select a math or science class in addition.


Choose Your Stream Carefully.

Math 20-2 (5 Credits)  and  Math 30-2 (5 Credits)

You should take Mathematics -2 (University Entrance Non-Science focus) stream if:

  • You want to attend a university, college or a technical institute after high school, but do not need Calculus skills.
  • You wish to study programs such as Arts, some Engineering technologies, Medical technologies, Nursing and some Apprenticeship programs.
  • The majority of the students should be in this stream.


Math 20-1 (5 Credits)  and  Math 30-1 (5 Credits)

 You should take Mathematics -1 (Pre-Calculus) stream if:

  • You want to study Math or Science at university, college or a technical institute and go on to a related career that requires advanced Math skills (i.e Engineering, Pre-Med, Mathematics, Sciences).
  • This stream is intended for students who wish to go on to take Calculus (Math 31).


Math 31 Calculus (5 Credits)

  • prerequisite or co-requisite: Math 30-1
  • introduces skills and topics in calculus
  • investigates a variety of topics; focuses on the limit of a function and looks at the relationship between differentiation and integration


More information about the curriculum can be found here:

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