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Scenario 1: In-school classes resume


The main goals of mathematics education are to prepare you to:

  • solve problems
  • communicate and reason mathematically
  • make connections between mathematics and its applications
  • become mathematically literate
  • appreciate and value mathematics
  • make informed decisions as contributors to society

Math 9 (non credit course)

  • Year long
  • French Immersion
  • Honors class available
  • PAT (Calculator and No Calculator Section)
  • Scientific calculator only (recommend TI-30X IIS)

You only need 10 credits in Math up to a 20 level (grade 11) to meet the minimum high school graduation requirements

Math 10-3 (5 Credits) and 20-3 (5 Credits)

  • designed for students who want to learn the mathematics needed to enter most trades or who want to enter the workforce after high school.

You should take the Mathematics -3 stream if you are interested in a trade or wish to enter the workforce after high school.

Math 10C (5 Credits)

  • Mathematics 10C is for students who want to take Mathematics -1or Mathematics -2
  • Math 10C can be replaced with Scimatics, a yearlongcourse that combines Math 10, Science 10 and Chem 20. Admission is based on a competitive academic average. If you select this class, do not select a math or science class in addition.

Choose Your Stream Carefully.

Math 20-2(5 Credits) and 30-2(5 Credits)

You should take Mathematics -2 (University Entrance Non-Science focus) stream if:

  • You want to attend a university, college or a technical institute after high school, but do not need Calculus skills.
  • You wish to study programs such as Arts, some Engineering technologies, Medical technologies, Nursing and some Apprenticeship programs.
  • The majority of the students should be in this stream.

Math 20-1(5 Credits)  and 30-1(5 Credits)

 You should take Mathematics -1 (Pre-Calculus) stream if:

  • You want to study Math or Science at university, college or a technical institute and go on to a related career that requires advanced Math skills (i.e Engineering, Pre-Med, Mathematics, Sciences).
  • This stream is intended for students who wish to go on to take Calculus (Math 31).

Math 31 Calculus (5 Credits)

  • prerequisite or co-requisite: Math 30-1
  • introduces skills and topics in calculus
  • investigates a variety of topics; focuses on the limit of a function and looks at the relationship between differentiation and integration

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