Graduation Information

Congratulations Class of 2019!

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Diploma Requirements

Most students go beyond the minimum diploma or certificate requirements listed below because they want to take advantage of the many choices available in high school or to meet post-secondary entrance requirements. If you are undecided about the path you might take after high school, you are like many students. You will discover your talents and interests while working toward your Diploma or Certificate of High School Achievement.


Graduation Information Booklet

The link below will open the digital version of the Graduation Information Booklet.  

This booklet includes information you may need about the graduation day as well as documents that students need to submit to the LCI office prior to graduation.

2020 LCI Graduation Information Booklet


My Pass

Students should be visiting "My Pass" to ensure they are ready for Grad.

Go to My Pass

My Pass allows students to:

  • View and print diploma exam result statements.
  • Order transcripts.
  • View progress towards a credential (diploma or certificate).
  • View student personal information.
  • View and print detailed academic reports (DAR).
  • Order additional copies of a credential.
  • Register for a diploma exam.