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Sports Medicine

The LCI Sports Medicine Program is made up of three distinct course offerings that are designed to introduce students to the world of athletic injury treatment and management. The program uses courses from multiple CTS curriculum areas to give students a wide variety of experiences and knowledge.

Sports Medicine 10 (5 credits): No Prerequisite

Sports Medicine 10 focuses heavily on basic human anatomy, as well as teaching students to provide common first aid skills in situations that may arise in athletic competition. Students are introduced to the world of athletic injury management, including basic ankle, wrist, and elbow taping. This course is a blend of theory and practical skill assessment.

Sports Medicine 20 (5 credits): Prerequisite: Successful completion of all Sports Medicine 10 

In Sports Medicine 20, students expand upon the knowledge gained in Sports Medicine 10 in greater depth.  Students learn about joint injuries and anatomy, advanced taping and bracing techniques, warm-up procedures, and the importance of recognizing and correct inefficient movement patterns. Students will also spend several hours practicing taping techniques on members of the LCI athletics programs.

Sports Medicine 30 (5 credits): Prerequisite: Successful completion of all Sports Medicine 20

The majority of Sports Medicine 30 coursework will happen through an Athletic Training Internship with an LCI Athletic Program. Student trainers will work alongside the existing trainers for each program to provide taping and bracing support at practices and games. Student trainers will not be responsible for return to play decisions on athletic injuries, nor will they be expected to provide first aid. This course requires students to attend practices and games outside of school hours, so they are not required to attend class daily. This schedule is created and finalized with the course instructor, and will involve frequent check-ins with both the instructor and coach of the assigned athletic program.