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Metal Fabrication and Welding

Major Goals of Metal Fabrication & Welding

  • Develop SAFE hand and power tool practices.
  • Communicate and work effectively as a team.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of materials, tools, and processes that are used in the metal trades/fabrication industry.
  • Expose students to the numerous pathways relevant to the metal trades. Such as, welding, Heating Ventilation & air Conditioning (HVAC), roofing, siding, cladding, pipe fitting, plumbing, and custom fabrication.
  • Develop the work ethic and responsibility required for employment within the industry.


Metal Fabrication & Welding 10 (5 credits)

Course Description

This introductory course is designed to provide students with the fundamental skills necessary to fabricate and weld metal products safely and efficiently using various processes commonly used in industry.

Modules of Study

Students will be completing five of the following modules of study at the Introductory level. Each individual module completed is equivalent to one credit.


FAB1040: OXYACETYLENE WELDING (prerequisite FAB1010)

FAB1050: BASIC ELECTRIC WELDING (prerequisite FAB1010)


FAB1090: SHEET FABRICATION 1 (prerequisite FAB1010)


Metal Fabrication & Welding 20 (5 Credits)

Course Description

This course builds upon the skill sets gained in Welding 10 with an emphasis on welding in multiple positions (1F, 1G, 2F, 2G, 3F, 3G) with SMAW, FCAW, and GMAW. Students will further their knowledge and understanding of multiple welding processes. To register in this course, students MUST have completed Welding 10.

Modules of Study

FAB 2030: OXYFUEL WELDING (prerequisite FAB1040)

FAB 2040: THERMAL CUTTING (prerequisite FAB1040)

FAB 2048: FLUX CORED ARC WELDING (prerequisite FAB1048)

FAB 2050: ARC WELDING 1 (prerequisite FAB1050)

FAB 2070: GAS METAL ARCH WELDING 1 (prerequisite FAB1048)


Metal Fabrication & Welding 30 (5 Credits)

Coming fall of 2024!