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Timetable Change Request Instructions

Each year, LCI does everything it can to accommodate student requests for timetable changes.  This includes trying to match students with teachers and move spares to their most advantageous times, all while ensuring students are getting the courses and credits they need. 

However, we have over 1,600 students starting the school year with us.  That means that students will also have to be flexible with the timetables that they require. 

Please Note - This year, PowerSchool will open on Wednesday August 21st at 7:00 am for students to see their initial timetable.  Timetable change requests can begin after 7:00 am on that day.  Please look at the master schedule which will be posted below the day before (Tuesday, August 20th)


Here is what you need to know when making your timetable change requests:

1)  All timetable change requests will be done via TEAMS.  Students should message their grade level administrator on TEAMS to make their request                                                                                              Grade 10 - Kyle McKenzie                                                                                                                              Grade 11 - Katrina Van Der Meer                                                                                                                Grade 12 - Annett Bruised Head

2)  Grade 9 course schedules do not flex.  Class lists are set by teachers in advance and classes move as a cohort.  Grade 9 option changes follow a different procedure which be laid out by Gordon Vatcher (Grade 9 Admin) directly to students.  Therefore, the process laid out here does not apply to Grade 9 students.

3)  Be very specific with your timetable change requests.  The more you tell us, the better we can do to help you when we get to your request.  Tell us exactly what courses and in which blocks you want to add/drop courses.  If you can… tell us what your priority changes are, and which ones you can live without.   It would not be good use of your initial message to be “Can I make some changes? “ or “What other course could I take?”.  Have a clear plan, and even better, layout, in your message, each semester with a block-by-block outline the courses you wanted added/dropped.

4)  Please look on the master schedule that will be posted just above on Tuesday, August 20th.  This will help you look and see what changes are possible and which ones are not before messaging with your request(s). 

5)  DO NOT message in before 7:00 am on Wednesday August 21st.  Any messages sent in prior to that time will not be addressed.  Wait until you see your timetable in PowerSchool. 

6)  Please be patient with us.  Some grade levels have almost 500 students.  This means that it may take days, not hours to get to your request.  If you re-message just to “check in”, your TEMAS message gets moved back to the end of the que and will further delay how quickly we get to it. 

7)  Please be selective in your requests.  If you have all of the courses you need.  Please ask yourself how necessary is your course request.  With over 1,600 students it will be impossible to make every change that everyone asks for. 

Again, the admin team at LCI strives to do its best to get every student their most optimum timetable.  We want students to be with the right teachers, peers, and have the right timetable that will optimize their success.  Please work with us and be willing to be flexible as we work through your requests. 

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