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Work Experience

Students in high school have the opportunity to earn up to 30 credits in work experience. For each of the three “levels” a student can earn from 3 to 10 credits for a work experience situation. The number of credits earned depends on the number of hours worked. Three credits is earned with 75 hours worked and then, with each further 25 hours worked, another credit is awarded to a maximum of 10 credits per “skill set”.

The grade is determined by a combination of assessment materials, including site visitations, employer evaluation, teacher evaluation, self-reflection, and assessment of responsible attention to employment skill development and "taking care of business."

 It is possible to earn more than 10 credits with the same employer as long as the “skill set” changes. 

E.g. a student may work in the kitchen at Wendy’s and earn 10 credits from that position.  Perhaps the student is then moved to management  and supervisory work.  That “skill set” would be significantly different from the first so the learning plan would change. In that case, a further 10 credits can be earned by that same student.

 High school students can “count” 15 credits in work experience for their high school diploma requirements.  Any more than 15 are also listed on their transcripts.

As Work Experience 15 is NOT a pre-requisite of Work Experience 25; the “level” of the credits awarded is flexible and usually determined by the sophistication and burden of responsibility and maturity required of the skill set.  Hence, often grade 12 students completing their first work experience level are awarded “30 level” credits for the situation.  But, grade 11 students completing their first work experience contract can be awarded credits at a "35" level, just as a grade 12 student could earn credits at a "15" level. 

What is Required for Work Experience?

By Student   

  1. Complete and sign contract between student, employer and school.
  2. PROOF of hours worked (pay stubs etc.) regularly submitted with short interviews and discussions.
  3. Evaluation materials completed by employer- depending on the situation- from one to three formal evaluations and informal ones conducted in person, by phone or via email.
  4. Reflection piece written by student andregular response to email communications of teacher.
  5. HCS 3000 (Workplace Safety Systems module – 1 credit) All students at LCI complete this module, usually completed with CALM but available through the ILC for those who require it.)

By School

  1. Safety site inspection/visit
  2. Regular employment contacts - visitations, phone calls and email communications between employer and teacher.
  3. Regular email communications and site visits between teacher and student.
  4. Evaluations – final grade and number of credits
  5. Monitor student submissions
  6. Regular meetings with students.
  7. Assistance with pre-employment materials, job search etc as possible and necessary.

HCS 3000: Workplace Safety Systems is the required pre-requisite of the first work experience course taken by a student.

HCS 3000 Workplace Safety Systems is a required component of Work Experience.  This is a module of study where students will gain the attitudes, knowledge and skills related to workplace health and safety and examine relevant legislation required in the workplace.  It is worth one credit.

This pre-requisite of Work Experience is generally offered in Calm classes at LCI but may be completed via the ILC as well.

LCI is offering this module to students through the ILC over the school year and students must complete HCS 3000 (WORKPLACE SAFETY SYSTEMS) if they are involved in accumulating credits via Work Experience.

Work Experience contracts accumulate hours of work AFTER all contract materials are in place and a site inspection visit is completed. There is NO exception to this and students are NOT able to backdate hours of work. Therefore, it is ESSENTIAL that students who are considering work experience credits complete the necessary materials as soon as possible.

For more information on this, please contact Andrew Krul - Off Campus Facilitator.