Off-Campus Education

Sign up for work experience, even if you do not need the credits. Use it to boost your average for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship and other scholarships (use your mark as your fifth course). Use work experience as the fifth course for university and college entrance requirements as well.

Participating in off-campus education is both a privilege and responsibility. Students are expected to comply with company rules and expectations, and to the conduct expected of Lethbridge School District No. 51 students. Significant breaches in either case may lead to the termination of the placement. The student, parent and employer will be informed by the off-campus education facilitator if disciplinary action is warranted. If it is a school-related issue, no details of the circumstances will be provided to the employers without parent permission.


  1. All work experience must be in southern Alberta for site visit and workers’ compensation guidelines
  2. Complete the one credit HCS 3000 course in CALM or through an alternative school delivery
  3. Complete and return the work experience agreement form and the student learning plan ASAP to the Career Practitioners office at your school
  4. Submit monthly proof of hours and final employer evaluation in the same way, or they may be emailed to Also inform us if you are no longer at the worksite.
  5. Perform well as the jobsite. Know the employer’s cellphone-use policy and follow it. Be on time, know exactly when the shifts will be, attend work consistently, know the employer’s procedure for calling in sick or switching shifts, adhere to any confidentiality expectations and agreements and be enthusiastic, ethical, consistent and learn
  6. Call the off-campus education facilitator, Andrew Krul, 403-894-0375, if there are any concerns about the safety of the jobsite, or other concerns.


  • There are three levels of work experience (15, 25, 35)
  • Ten credits can be earned at each level
  • Only 15 credits count towards your diploma requirements. However, all 30 credits will show up on your transcript and aid in scholarship applications and entrance to university
  • For every 25 hours you work/volunteer, you may receive one credit, up to a maximum of 10 credits (250 hours). To receive any credits for work experience, you must have a minimum of 75 hours (three credits)
  • You can have more than one work-experience contract at the same time. More than 10 credits may be earned at the same worksite in there is an increase of responsibilities, or a student works in a different department
  • Credits may be earned as part of part-time jobs, volunteering or career exploration at jobsites

Students that need to pick up contracts or drop off paystubs need to visit room B113 at LCI.

An episode of the television program "A Public Education" that airs Feb - March 2016 features a piece on Julian Williams, a Grade 10 LCI student.  Julian is part of the Registered Apprenticeship Program and is a Sheet Metal Worker with Paradigm Heating and Air Conditioning.  The segment highlights Off-Campus Education and the Registered Apprenticeship Program.  Click HERE to watch.