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Scenario 3: Move to at-home learning

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Summer School Registration is Open

If you are interested in attending summer school through Victoria Park High School,  you can simply call the school 403-327-3945 to book an intake appointment.  Bookings have already started and spots are filling up quickly, so you should call as early as possible.  Calling now will be especially important if you are wanting an in-person 30 level diploma course.  With that said, please see the details below for more information.  There is also a link at the bottom to the Victoria Park brochure for summer school.

Details for Summer School 2021:

  • Every entry into summer school requires an intake meeting booked at the school
  • You do NOT need a referral from your current high school to join summer school because summer school is actually a separate program from the regular operations at Victoria Park
  • The staff at Victoria Park asks that a Parent or Guardian attend the intake meeting with the student
  • Summer School 2021 provides courses in the following formats:
    • 30 Level Diploma courses (English, Math, Social, Chemistry, Bio) are offered as in-person and on-campus classes from July 5-July 29
    • 10, 20 and non-diploma 30 level courses are all offered via Distance Learning from May 3rd to July 26
  • Fees are issued via email and are paid using School Cash Online
  • Students are typically limited to one non-diploma course during summer school
  • Students who are enrolled in a 30 Level Diploma course may only take one diploma course because their entire month of July will be filled with that one course

The Victoria Park intake meetings go over the individual courses/expectations etc. in person and in detail – All questions will be answered during student intakes.

Summer School packages and brochures can all be found on the Victoria Park website or bat clicking the link below:


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