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Scenario 1: In-school classes resume

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Please Return Your Textbooks

Textbooks are a huge expense to schools with many books costing well over $100, and some books costing over $300.  Each year, LCI has had to replace more and more lost books.  That money could be used for increased programing, reducing school fees, or other forms of school improvement. 

Each student is signed out their books at the beginning of the semester using a bar code system just like that in a public library.  We have exact records of who has which book, and we need those books returned.  Students who fail to return a textbook will be asked to pay for the lost book through our finance department.  No other textbooks will be issued to students who have outstanding textbooks with the LCI textbook center.

Please note, you must return the textbook that was assigned to you when you checked it out.  Keep track of your books closely and don’t confuse them with the same books of other classmates.  The book assigned to you is the one that you are responsible for returning!

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