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Scenario 1: In-school classes resume

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LCI School Update!

Do you know your username/password for Office 365?

LCI Parents/Guardians and Students,

First, we would like to express our gratitude for your continued support this week, a week filled with uncertainty, change, and many challenges. We hope you are finding ways to support your family.

This email will serve to outline the steps LCI is taking in moving forward to support students in their courses. Please note that there are links to important information embedded in this email, and we ask you take time to carefully read through all information with your child to be aware of all aspects of this process.

Contents of this post:

  1. Moving to Online Course Delivery
  2. The Essentials: How to Access Microsoft Teams at Home
  3. School Schedule: How will each day look Online
  4. Another way to Connect
  5. Moving Forward

Online Course Delivery

This week, we have been waiting for guidance from the province with regards to the expectations to help inform how we move forward in supporting our students as a school.

  • As it stands, the province has indicated schools provide a “base level of instruction” to their students.
  • As we look to work within these parameters, and through collaboration with other schools and school divisions, LCI will be moving towards delivery of course content, and connection with students, through an online interface.
  • The primary application that will facilitate this course delivery will be Microsoft Teams.
    • While Teams will be used as a baseline for communicating with students, teachers may use additional platforms for lesson delivery and content creation (Moodle, Powerpoint, Zoom, etc.).

How to Access Microsoft Teams from Home

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration platform that will enable teachers and students the ability to connect in real-time, as well as facilitate access to class resources and materials. Students in the school district are able to access and download this software for free.

  • The first step is ensuring your child knows their LethSD email and password.
    • This will also be important as all teachers will be using email to communicate with their students moving forward.
  • The email should read firstname.lastname##@lethsd.ab.ca, and their password will be unique to them.
    • They should be able to login to their email at webmail.lethsd.ab.ca.
    • The ## represents the last 2-digits of the student’s graduation year.
  • For any students who do not have this information, please email our office at lci@lethsd.ab.ca and include your full name and grade level or call us directly at 403.328.9606.
    • Your password will be reset and information will be sent to you in how to log in.
  • When students know their email and password, please click on this link and follow the directions to install Microsoft 365 (including Teams) on your home computer.
    • Additionally, Teams is available as an app to be downloaded to any mobile device (note that not all features of the desktop app will be available).
  • Once Teams is downloaded, students will be able to login with their email and password and access their classes.

School Schedule – Classes will begin March 24th  

Careful consideration has been given to how the “new” school day will be structured. We will look to follow a very similar timetable (detailed below), to what students have experienced, with the goal of:

  • Keeping students connected to their current teachers.
  • Offering a level of sequence and structure.
  • Allowing students to progress through their classes in a predictable and consistent fashion.

LCI Student Schedule


Period 1

8:30am - 9:30am

Period 2

9:45am - 10:45am

Period 3

11:00am - 12:00pm


12:00pm -12:30pm

Period 4

12:30pm - 1:30 pm

Period 5

1:45pm - 2:45pm

Friday – Flex Day

Our schedule seeks to preserve the greatest opportunity for our staff to maintain connections with students, support the work they will be undertaking online, and provide as much stability and support as possible in a time where we believe this is of great importance. Please be aware that while this schedule indicates specific periods and classes:

  • On March 24th. as per the scheduled times, teachers will be in contact with students through Teams to communicate how their classes will proceed.
    • It is important that students are logged into Teams during these times.
  • Moving forward, not all classes will proceed in the same fashion.
    • We are aware of the potentials challenges to both students and teachers in their availability during set times.
    • Teachers will communicate their availability to students as this may not align with the schedule as detailed.
  • The structure of the schedule primarily offers students a blueprint in how they may wish to move through their learning but also will offer flexibility where and when required.
    • All content and lessons will be accessible to students outside of any scheduled class time.

Another Way to Connect

Students that have had access to the school over the past week may have noticed that we are using the LCI Instagram account to connect with the community. Please be encouraged to follow us on Instagram at “lcigreen2gold” for daily challenges to stay active and have fun and also as a way to let us know how things are going. 

Moving Forward

Knowing that we are transitioning into an unfamiliar space regarding how our students and staff will be connecting, we do so with the knowledge that there will be continued challenges and changes ahead. As we move forward, our first priority at LCI is supporting our students and community. We are considerate of the concerns surrounding how students will receive the education and information they are currently missing, and how to support their transition into next year. Please understand that each step we take moving forward is based in the understanding that:

  • We are all in this together.
  • We understand that we all will face challenges working and connecting in an online environment.
  • Every one of the staff at LCI is here to help families and students through this process with the best intentions and with all available resources we have.
  • We move forward through this process with a growth mindset understanding that things cannot be exactly as they were when students were able to be in the school.

We will also continue to be receptive and responsive to the direction provided to us by Alberta Education and work alongside all stakeholders in the best interest of our students, staff and community.

Thank you again for all of your support and we wish you health and wellness during this time of uncertainty.



LCI Admin Team

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