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Scenario 1: In-school classes resume

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Final Assessment Schedule


Date Exam Teacher/Section Room
January 19 @ 8:30-11:30 A.M. ELA9 PAT (Part A) Kocken 9-1 Library
    Kocken 9-2 C215
January 24 @ 8:30-11:30 A.M. Biology 30 Malec P1 C315
    Malec P3 C315
    St. Goddard/Kellett P4 C316
  Biology 20 McCubbing E-Learning C303
    Malec P2 B209
    St. Goddard P2 C308
    Malec P5 D307
  Bio/Sci Mid-Term St. Goddard/Kellett SLT
  Social 9 PAT Gareau 9-1 D313
    Yamamoto 9-4 D317
    Paskuski 9-7 D310
    Paskuski 9-9 D316
    Murphy-Burke 9-10 D311
January 25 @ 8:30-11:30 A.M. Social 30-1 Fletcher P4 D317
    Fletcher P5 D316
  Social 30-2 Murphy-Burke E-Learning D311
    Murphy-Burke P1 D311
  Etudes Social 30 Gareau D313
  Social 10 Cavilla E-Learning SLT
    Paskuski P1 D307
    Fletcher P2 B309
    Paskuski P3 D310
    Cavilla P4 SLT
    Gareau P5 D229
  Social 20 Cavilla D302
    Fletcher D312
    Murphy-Burke D306
    Gareau D314
  ELA Gr 9 PAT (Part B) Kocken 9-1 B311
    Kocken 9-2 B310
January 26 @ 8:30-11:30 A.M. Grade 9 Math Mid-Term Lavergne 9-1 C307
    Lavergne 9-2 D302
    Miller 9-3 D317
    Lavergne 9-4 D303
    Miller 9-5 C303
    Rhodes 9-6 B209
    Jacklynn 9-7 B308
    Odorski 9-8 D316
    Rhodes 9-9 B218
    Odorski 9-10 B315
    Rhodes 9-11  D307
    Miller E-Learning Conference Room
  Math 30-1 Ward P1 B208
    Ward E-Learning B210
  Math 30-2 Jacklynn P1 LLT
  Math 20-1 Odorski P3 B211
    Odorski P4 B313
  Math 20-2 Ward P5 D229
  Math 10C Miller P1 C312
    Miller P2 B217
    Jacklynn E-Learning D306
    Jacklynn P5 D306
    Scott P2 C311
January 27 @ 8:30-11:30 A.M. Chemistry 30 Scott P3 C311
    St. Goddard/Kellett P5 C316
  Chemistry 20 St. Goddard/Kellett P1 C315
    Scott P5 C312
  Science 10 Thai P3 D303
    Thai P5 D302
  Science 9 PAT Lavergne 9-2 (FI) C307
    McCubbing 9-3 C303
    McCubbing 9-5 B314
    McCubbing 9-6 B313
    Mathieu 9-8 B315
    Mathieu 9-11 B311
    Sheen K&E G111


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