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Athletic and fine arts awards handed out

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Lethbridge Collegiate Institute handed out the school’s athletic and fine arts awards on Friday.

The following are the LCI athletic award winners for the 2018/2019 school year.

Marge Clark Trophy- Berkley Heggie

Jim Whitelaw Trophy- Isaiah Bagnah

Competitor’s Courage Award- Catriona Smith

Outstanding Grade 12 Female Athlete- Krista Nelson

Outstanding Grade 12 Male Athlete- Callum Hyland

Outstanding Grade 11 Female Athlete- Renae Csurka

Outstanding Grade 11 Male Athlete- David Kindley

Outstanding Grade 10 Female Athlete- Emily Hall

Outstanding Grade 10 Male Athlete- Ryan Evans

Outstanding Grade 9 Female Athlete- Presley Heggie

Outstanding Grade 9 Male Athlete- Orion Legg

Pat Adams Memorial Scholarship: Pat Adams exemplified the all-around student during his time at LCI. He was involved with the fine arts, sports and was the class president in Grade 12. This scholarship is given to a Grade 12 female and/or male student who has performed well in the areas of fine arts and athletics. This student exemplifies leadership and volunteerism in the LCI community.

Winners - Callum Hyland and Maren Evanson

Brock Ramias Citizen Athlete Scholarship: Brock Ramias Citizen Athlete Scholarship is awarded to the LCI student that most represents the heart, kindness, commitment, and determination to influence those around them in a positive way and an undying passion for “their game”. The recipient should be humble, genuine, embrace a love of life and fun. They must understand the importance of relationships, not only with close friends and families, but also with all individuals. This person must selflessly go the extra mile to help others in times of need and practice random acts of kindness. They must demonstrate a strong work ethic regardless of the challenges they face.

Winner - Spencer Stanko

The following are the LCI fine arts award winners.

Lisa Doolittle- Edwin Van Tonder, Ocean Kyjak-Urasaki

Betty Poulson- Talli Ray, Olivia Winsor, Tate Montgomery

LCI arts academy dance awards- Oliver Landry, Sohail Mubtala

Country 95.5 Music award- Joshua Mandin

Kiwanis Music Award- Jane Thomson, Kyle Hanson

Long & Mcquade Band Award- Jade Belisle

Long & Mcquade Jazz Band Award- Devon Lamont

Louie Armstrong Jazz Award- Kai Siallagon

Long & Mcquade Choral Award- Delaney Garrett

Dr. Walter Gray Award- Sophie Eckert

Kyle Leavitt Award- Joshua Mandin

Gerry and Brian Stewart- Tyler Black

LCI Technical Theatre Award- Ashianna Harji

Brendon Mcquaid Fine Arts Award- Luke Kazakawich

Josh Wilson Drama Award- Tessa Bourchier

Dr. Yates Award- Haley Smith

Barbara Walker Fine Arts Award- Luke Bullock

Date posted: June 14, 2019

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