Jen Scott

Teachers - Science

About Me

Hello! My name is Jen, and I have been teaching and coaching at LCI for the last 15 years and love the school and the community. I work in the science department and teach mainly chemistry, but also a unique course called Scimatics. I developed the course for students who want to learn in an academically rigorous environment and want to be challenged in their thinking about science and how it relates to today's world. It is a year-long course in which students receive 15 credits for three courses (Science 10, Math 10C, and Chemistry 20) in the time they would normally recieve 10 credits. I love teaching this course and look forward to it every day. The development and delivery of this course was the focus of my Masters of Education in Curriculum and Assessment.  

I am also the teacher/facilitator for a dual credit course offered at LCI in partnership with the University of Lethbridge - Liberal Edcucation 1000. The course is designed to challenge ​our thinking and to open our minds to the multiple perspectives related to issues. This year we will be focussing on food and looking at the question "What should we eat?" from historical, cultural, scientific, and ethical perspectives. Students present their research to the public as a culminating activity. Students who take this course receive both high school and university credit for taking the course. They also enjoy the benefits of any U of L student and have access to all amenities offered to full time university students.    

I spend a lot of my time after school in the gym coaching baskeball which I find rewarding and fulfilling. I've been coaching for almost 20 years now and still look forward to every season. Love my Clippers!