Robin Mackenzie

Counsellors - Teacher/Counsellor

About Me

Hi, my name is Robin and I am the Teacher-Counsellor here at LCI.   We have an amazing staff here in our Wellness Center, each with a variety of skill sets and training.   I primarily work with students to promote academic and social-emotional competencies, both through individual, group and universal school programming.

I have been a teacher for 23 years (wow, that makes me sound OLD) and a counsellor here at LCI since 2003.  I have both my Bachelor's in Education and a Masters in Counselling.  I have enjoyed teaching in seven different countries, and at a total of 15+ schools, at almost every grade level.  What I've learned during that time is that no matter where you go, or the level you teach, kids are kids.  They want to succeed, they want to belong, and they want to know they are cared about.  I also have three young boys (twins and a 'dessert baby'), and my husband and I are living the reality of kids-in-school-chaos ourselves. 

Our LCI Wellness Center team offers a wide range of services for students, so please free to email, call, or come by with any questions you may have in regards to these services and how you may access them.